First Sale

Posted by Olivia Moore on Jan 26, 2022


My very first NFT is done!
I will upload all my work to the OpenSea platform. Nevertheless, the very first sale will be held on Solana blockchain. In the beginning of my NFT journey I would like as many people to get acquainted with my art as possible. So I decided to make a sale where you could get an idea of what I am doing for a symbolic price.

Let's talk more about the sale.
• A thousand copies of my first art piece are available for minting.
• Sale price is 0.1 SOL.
• With each NFT you also get access to the creative process.
• The original Magic Mountain (name of the painting) NFT from my collection on OpenSea will be transferred to a random owner of its copy on Solana.
• Lucky owner of the original NFT will be able to either ship or burn the painting.

Step By Step Guide To Mint An NFT
1. Go to the mint page.

2. Connect your Solana wallet via the “Connect” button.

3. Press the "Mint" button.

4. Approve the transaction.

5. Done!